A giant 'Thank You' to both Kathy and Reema for your incredible assistance in finding a place for Jim’s parents. You both worked your fingers to the bone helping us through a most trying and difficult situation. Not even to mention that the emotional drain of the whole thing left us feeling desperate, inadequate, and feeling like we were swimming in very deep water. I don’t know what we would have done without you! You were a lifeline for us in a desperate situation. If this sounds dramatic, it’s because it was. Our lives literally turned upside down within the space of a week, and went sideways two more times before it settled down. And each turn came with a new set of problems that had to be solved. You were the only people we’ve met in the aging parent adventure who knew what all the choices were, and helped us pick the absolute best one. And because of you, my father-in-law was able to spend the last three days of his wife’s life in the same room with her. We never would have found Silverado on our own, and it absolutely made such a difference, especially in Dad’s life. He will remember that always. 

Thank you so much again, for being there. Our whole family highly commends you, and recommends you as well.

-Jann K. Resident of Long Beach, California

4Ever Young Living assisted with care of parents